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What is an Electrical Emergency, and How to Deal with It?

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The electrical systems in our homes supply electricity to all appliances, devices and lights. Sometimes this system may experience issues. Though minor, they can turn into severe electrical emergencies. In such a situation, hiring an electrician might be safe and necessary.

Following are some issues, where you should consider calling an emergency electrician.

Power Outages

Power outages are also known as power blackouts and failures. Sometimes they are scheduled by the electrical companies; they occur due to natural calamities such as heavy rainstorms, thunderstorms, etc. Sometimes, the power issues are isolated to your home and are inconvenient and a cause of concern.

What to Do

Electrical Fire

It is extremely dangerous and fatal whether electrical fires are caused by uncovered or faulty wiring, overloading on a circuit, or a faulty appliance. Moreover, you must take abrupt action even if you put the fire out.

What to Do

  • The first thing to do is cut the main supply by flipping the switch on your home’s circuit box to reduce any risks of shocks.
  • In such cases, use a fire extinguisher if you have one. If you can’t cut the main supply, only use a class-C fire extinguisher. Conversely, if you cut the power, use a class-A fire extinguisher which is water-based.
  • Call 999 or the fire brigade immediately and tell them about the incident. If someone is injured, let them know, so they also send medical personnel with the rest of the team.
  • Lastly, call an electrician after the fire is out to make appropriate repairs.

Burnt Outlet

A burnt outlet is one of the most common electrical emergencies experienced by households. There are multiple reasons, such as circuit overload, incorrectly or damaged installed wiring, old outlets or heavy dust buildup in the outlets. In this incident, there are some steps you could follow to ensure your safety.

What to Do

  • If you spot any buzzing sound, see sparks or smell burning plastics from any outlet, unplug all the appliances and switch off the power of that particular area from the circuit breaker box.
  • Unless the outlet catches fire, there is no need to call an electrician but if it catches fire, call a professional electrician service to ensure the safety of the family and electrical appliances.
Electrical Emergency
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Downed Power Lines

Downed power lines or transformers are extremely dangerous and carry enough electricity to cause serious and fatal injuries. Call 999 and report immediately in case you see one.

What to Do

  • Stay at least 30-40 feet away from the line. Do not assume that your power is out, so the fallen line does not contain electricity.
  • Even if it does not give off any light or spark, it is still dangerous.
  • Moreover, do not touch any object in contact with the line.
  • Finally, if you see a dangling line, call an electrician instantly.

Electrical Shocks

Electrical shocks occur when outlets are damaged, exposed wiring or outlets remain unchecked. These can cause burns on the body, or in worst cases, they can cause damage inside the body, such as cardiac arrest. Either way, it can be fatal.

What to Do

  • Do not touch the shocked person, and call 999 immediately.
  • Do not get near the source of the shock or burn; instead, cut off the main supply from the circuit box.

Continuous Appliance or Electrical Problem

Does it ever happen that your circuit trips when you plug an appliance? It can be frustrating, and if it keeps happening, there may be two possible reasons; either the appliance is faulty or an electrical system issue. 

What to Do

  • Turn off the breaker and unplug the appliance.
  • After you unplug the electrical appliance, turn the breaker back on.
  • If your breaker trips again, there is a problem with your electrical appliance.
  • Conversely, if it doesn’t trip, the appliance has an issue.
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Other Electrical Issues that Must Not be Ignored

Though these issues might not be categorised as emergencies, they should not be put off. To ensure the safety of residents, you must ensure that your house wiring and circuit box/fuse boards are functioning properly and in good condition.

Flickering Lights

One flickering light or bulb fixture is not a concerning issue, but if the lights are flickering all over the house, there is a poor connection or a technical problem in the fuse board.

Bulbs and light fixtures can burn out if:

  • High Wattage
  • Insufficient Air Circulation
  • Bulb May Be Fixed Too Tightly
  • Faulty Wiring
  • High Electricity Bills

The following may be the reasons why you are getting high electricity bills:

  • Damaged circuits and wiring
  • Leakage in electrical systems
  • Electrical appliances are outdated and consume more power.

Why Hiring a Professional Electrician Can Be Beneficial

Saving money and attempting DIY repairs cannot always be safe, as it can turn into a costly experience. Hiring a professional electrician is smart regarding the safety of your property and family.

There are many benefits of hiring a trained electrician, whether you have a minor or major electrical problem.

  • Safety: One of the main reasons for hiring an expert is your and your family’s safety. As homeowners, you don’t have the equipment, experience and training to carry out such dangerous repairs.
  • Professional Expertise: Hiring an experienced and licensed electrician means you gain access to professional expertise. Trained electricians gain years of experience in the field, and they can detect or identify any issue instantly without sacrificing quality and safety.
  • Save you Money: Many people think that handling a project alone can save them a lot of money, but in such cases, they could end up making the problem worse, and it could cost you much more than they would have paid to a professional. A skilled professional will get the job done efficiently and timely.
  • Quality Work and Services: An electrical repair is not a hit-and-miss project; therefore, it should always be handled by an expert. Moreover, you will feel relaxed and at ease, knowing that your electrical problem is being handled by an Expert.

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