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Nowadays, numerous electrical appliances are in use within a house. All these machines work via wires and interconnected circuits. While on one hand, these electrical wirings keep appliances running properly, several faults may occur in the electrical circuits with time as they get old. These circuits require repairing not only to work properly but also to save you from a huge loss.

Emergency Electricians and Plumbers can manage all types of wire repairs and rewiring. Our expert electricians may undertake full electrical rewiring of your house if need be. We provide reliable services to our clients around the clock and are licensed and skilled to tackle all wiring problems.

Common Problems with Electrical Wiring

Due to the sensitivity of and many technicalities associated with electrical wiring, certain problems may develop in them over time. Our staff is well-trained to deal with all technical circuit problems that may arise. 

Too Many Busy Circuits

This is perhaps the most common practice in every household and happens when people plug too many switches within the same extension, which is a sign of danger as the net power withdrawn from the same extension exceeds its supply. This may damage your appliances or lead to a short circuit and even a fire outbreak. At Emergency Electricians and Plumbers, we deal with such issues to ensure the kind of rewiring which doesn’t fail in the long run.

Electrical Rewiring Services

Dimming Lamps

It is a common observation for every one of us. The lamp starts flickering continuously whereas apparently, you do not see a fault with your electrical wiring. This is due to a shortage of power supply as you are using such an appliance that is consuming too much power from the main supply.

Contact us for the remedy to your electrical concerns and we will advise you on the best approach to your problem.

Sparking in Electrical Circuits

Sparking is also one of the common electrical wiring issues that are dangerous. Usually, it happens that you plug in a switch and it sparks. In some cases, you may experience an electrical shock. The cause can be a fault within the wirings of the circuit. In such conditions, you need to call an expert electrician for a thorough inspection and get electrical rewiring of your house if needed.

The Buzzing Sound of Electricity

The general flow of electricity is smooth and without any noise. Yet at times, you hear a buzzing sound within your electrical circuit. This occurs due to loose switches, worn wires, and loose outlets. Because of these loose connections, the current flows in jumps. The simple solution to this problem is that switch off your appliance and call an electrician.

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24-hour Available

Considering the urgency of electrical repairings, we offer 24-hour services to our clients. Whether it’s an hour of day or night, our experts are always ready to provide reliable services at your one call.

Quality Services

We at Emergency Electricians and Plumbers believe in providing quality services to our clients. Your trust in us is our asset so we put maximum effort to leave you satisfied. Friendly, authentic and professional are the words our clients describe us with.

Qualified and Experienced Staff

When it comes to giving electrical rewiring services, we have a team of skilled electricians that are well-trained, certified, and experienced to perform their duty in a professional manner.

Economical House Rewiring Services

Our emergency electricians and plumbers not only provide quality services but also ones that are affordable. Whether you need partial or full electrical house rewiring, you would not worry much about the electrical rewiring cost.

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Our mission is to provide the residents of London with a no hassle electrical service where all work exceeds expectations, meets deadlines and offers excellent value for money. We offer a friendly and reliable electrical service to the residents of London and surrounding areas and have been doing so for many years.