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Consumer Unit Upgrades

Increase Electrical Safety with the Latest Consumer Unit

Are you tired of replacing burnt fuses in your consumer unit or have lost a modern electric appliance because of an incompatible unit? Do you want to improve the efficiency and safety of your electrical installation and protect your appliances against power surges? Or are you looking forward to installing an electric vehicle charging point? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need to upgrade your consumer unit.

At Emergency Electricians, consumer unit upgrades are just one of the many things we do, and we do it with perfection. Consumer unit upgrades ensure that your electrical network is compatible with modern appliances. It eliminates the hassle of replacing burnt fuses, enhances the efficiency of your electrical network, and offers protection from power surges. Get in touch with us today and upgrade your consumer unit to a modern and efficient one.

Keep Safe Electrical Network

Whether you have a domestic or commercial property, ensuring electrical safety is of prime importance. Electrical hazards like shocks and fires can do irreversible damage to life and property. It is a proven fact that most of the fires in the world originate from electrical failures.

One of the reasons for electrical hazards is the traditional, outdated units which use fuses instead of circuit breakers. Both serve the same purpose: to protect your electrical network in case of a power surge. However, the primary difference is that fuses are wires, and the wire will burn and melt during a power surge or circuit overloading in order to protect your electrical circuits. Although the burning does not take that much time, it can give enough time for the surge to damage your appliances. A circuit breaker, however, trips the circuit and immediately cuts off the power supply, hence protecting your electrical circuits and appliances.

Consumer Unit Upgrades

Save Cost and Stress with Consumer Unit Replacement

When fuses get burnt to protect your circuits, they must be replaced. But before they are replaced, the fault must be traced. Fault tracing of a fuse system is considerably more complex than tracing a fault in a circuit breaker system.

Our consumer unit upgrade service aims to provide you with a modern consumer unit that protects your circuit and makes fault tracing and replacement easy. Circuit breakers do not melt and, therefore, will not need a replacement that often. Enjoy less hassle and peace of mind by installing the latest consumer units. Because fuses need to be replaced, you will also be saving your cost by upgrading your consumer unit.

Upgraded Consumer Unity Protects Modern Appliances

Many modern appliances are not built to be used with the old consumer units. They are simply incompatible with fuse boxes. Using electric ovens, dishwashers, microwave ovens, washing machines, and vacuums with fuse systems is extremely risky. Any overloading can damage your appliances partially or completely.

Consumer unit upgrades, therefore, are highly useful when it comes to modern appliances. Our fuse board upgrade service is ideal if you want to install an EV (electric vehicle) charging point at your property. EV chargers cannot run on fuse systems and require modern units.

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Types of Consumer Units

Although they have the same functions, electrical consumer units are available in different types. They vary in terms of capacity and size. Take a look at them:

Split Load Consumer Unit

These units come with a main switch along with an RCD. The RCBOs are placed on the main switch side, while the MCBs are placed on RCD.

RCD Consumer Unit

This type of consumer unit is smaller in capacity and size as compared to its counterparts. RCD consumer units are considered ideal for an outside storehouse, garage, and garden shade since these places do not require a lot of power. These are two to five-way units; therefore, they can perfectly do the job for smaller areas.

Dual RCD Consumer Unit

With 2 RCDs and numerous MCBs, a Dual RCD Consumer Unit is considered one of the most cost-effective types of consumer units in UK as it can create 10 to 15 usable ways.

High Integrity Consumer Unit

These units feature a simple design; therefore, they are quite easy to install. Still, it is recommended to get them installed by professionals. The simplest design of the High Integrity Consumer Unit allows separation of the circuits, thereby ensuring good protection.

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Compliance with Regulations and Best Practices

Electrical regulations recommend several best practices to ensure the electrical safety of occupants in commercial and residential properties. If you are a landlord, you are required by law to provide the EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) of your property every five years or at the time of a change in tenancy. The EICR is a detailed inspection of your entire electrical network. Upgrading your consumer units ensures that your electrical installations are safe, and it helps you in complying with regulations and ensuring the best safety standards.

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